​List of Classes

This is a 8 hour course based off the NRA Basic Pistol course to meet the requirements of Ohio Law of 6 hours classroom and 2 hours live range time.  You will receive everything you would receive in the Basic Pistol course plus the Ohio Concealed Carry Law book.  We will also go in depth about choosing the right holster, defensive mind set, safe gun storage, and Ohio Law.  We show video, use power point presentations, hands on with dummy ammunition safely loading, chambering and unloading before using live ammo.  You will be required to qualify at 15ft and pass the 50 question exam.

BRING WITH YOU:  Pistol & 50 rounds (or can be provided for $20), Ball cap with bill, Eye & Ear Protection, any drinks & snacks or a packed lunch (or we will order lunch in oir you can go to lunch **1 hour max.**)